My Journey on the Fairyland Loop

“I just can’t go on any longer,” I told myself. This was definitely not the positive self talk I needed to get myself through this hike. This trail seemed longer, hotter, and more draining than I had imagined. I mean, after all, how treacherous can a trail named “Fairyland Loop” be? It sounds so dainty.


Onward to Bryce Canyon

“So, where is the lake?” the camper questioned. “It dried up 3 million years ago,” the campground host replied. I lay in my tent laughing to myself. This is what I woke up to in the morning. I knew Jacob Lake was just the name of the campground and no lake existed. I think this other camper was a bit surprised though. If he was planning a vacation on the lake, I’m sure he was disappointed.

National Park Girl Steals My Heart

“Do you have any experience in the backcountry?” asked the ranger. “Yes,” I replied, even though I'd only once stayed overnight in backcountry. “Do you have the proper gear?” “Yes.” I was pretty sure I was prepared. I’d gone camping at campgrounds countless times, and I was well read on venturing into the backcountry. “Well then, she’ll take care of you.” The ranger pointed me to the young lady...