Exploring the Uncharted

“There are no maps of that area,” she informed. “It’s basically uncharted area, but you are welcome to explore.” I was a little disappointed until the words “uncharted area” sunk into my mind, and I realized that this was a prime and rare opportunity to explore...


The Canyons in my Life

I knew there were dark places in my life where lines that separate truth from lies had been blurred, places that were corrosive and continued to grow deeper and darker. I asked God to show me the canyons in my life.

Coming Back to Life

It was one of those moments in which I really became aware of not only my existence but my own presence in this place. I closed my eyes for a moment to attune my ears to the quietness around me. I opened them to rediscover myself in this amazing and strikingly different landscape from what I was used to. I recollected where I came from, all the hardships of life I have endured, and here and now I was with the will and aptitude to have brought myself to remote Utah and immerse myself in natural beauty.