Camping in Strange Woods

Let it be documented that if there is ever a night I go strangely missing, it is tonight. This is the perfect place to be kidnapped or snatched by Sasquatch, or Scarfinger, or the aliens in the petroglyphs...


Coming Back to Life

It was one of those moments in which I really became aware of not only my existence but my own presence in this place. I closed my eyes for a moment to attune my ears to the quietness around me. I opened them to rediscover myself in this amazing and strikingly different landscape from what I was used to. I recollected where I came from, all the hardships of life I have endured, and here and now I was with the will and aptitude to have brought myself to remote Utah and immerse myself in natural beauty.

Utah, My Love

Utah is an incredible place. Although it’s a popular place for hikers, in my travels it has often seemed like I’ve had the whole place to myself. On my way to Capitol Reef National Park I hadn’t passed another car in a long time. Civilization was becoming sparse. I was filled with excitement to go to this lesser known National Park.